Men's 179th

With Me "

Nov 11 , 2010



  Rector: Tony Seymour 
Warden: Donovan Green 
Support Rector: Pat Ferrara

Spiritual Directors:
Msgr. Paul Bochicchio, Fr. Charlie Pinyan and Deacon Kevin Regan

Team Talk Support
Bob Liwanag Ideals Paul Carris
Bill Dougherty Laity Gerry DiMauro
Donovan Green Piety Dennis Christensen       
Jean-Francois Gueguen Study Carmen Distano
Greg Miskell Action Vito Lupo
Darren “Doc” Petersen Leaders John Ventola
Mike McBrady Environments Joe Portalli
Mike Marella Christian Life Ron Pepson
Anthony Liguori Music Minister Pat Carr
Personal Contacts

Lou Mondello
Terry Manswell

Service Team

(ad hoc)
with Co-Chiefs:

Jerry Vernice 
(Holy Family / Nutley)

Tom Hennessey
(Holy Angels, Little Falls)

c a n d i d a t e s (24!)
Andrew / Anthony Cang__ / Anthony Cont__ / Arnold / Bill A / Bill H / Brian / 
Conrad / George / Gerald / Gerard / Ken / Leonard / Luke / Lyndon / Mark B / 
Mark C / Peter / Richard D / Richard S / Robert / Stephen / Vincent / Walter